January 6, 2024, 3pm - 4pm, Bluffton Library:John MacIlroy and a panel of authors, all affilated with the Island Writer's Network will answer your writing questions.Click for more Info

April 28, 2023
MacIlroy joined award-winning author Regina Williams  (author of "Promise," a Pulplwood Queens Book Club International Selection) on a "Short Fiction" panel at Main Street Reads, Summerville, South Carolina.   This was part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of "Independent Booksellers Day."

7 July 2022: The authors mourn the passing on July 27, 2022, of the wonderful Tony Dow. Mr. Dow, who played “Wally” on “Leave it to Beaver,” was a beloved actor on one of America’s most iconic television shows. He spoke very kindly of our book. Our hearts go out to his family and close friends, including our agent, Jerry Rudes.

14 September 2021: Southeastern Writers.org 2021 Contest Winners:
The Amy Munnell Award for Character Essays
1st Place:. Three Buses – John MacIlroy

The Lowcountry Award for Excellence in Southern Writing
3rd Place: The Man Inside – John MacIlroy

August 4, 2021: Podcast - A Conversation with Author John "Mac" Macllroy

March 14, 2020,
MacIlroy's short story "The Caretaker's Daughter" will appear in Catfish Stew, a print anthology of both short fiction and essay by Carolina writers. It will be released in late April, in conjunction with the South Carolina Writers Conference and The Pettigru Review.

March 6, 2020,
Bud’s story “Bet Y’all Wonderin’ Why I Just Done That” was also published on the Y’all cover page on March 6, 2020. This story recounts another dangerous flight, this one involving one of the world’s greatest athletes.

February 25, 2020,

Bud’s story “Munny Talks” was published on the cover page of the online edition of Y’all Magazine. This is actually a story within a story, involving a dangerous trip around the moon and an almost equally dangerous car ride a half century earlier.

November 28, 2019,

Awarded "Best Of 2019" by Y’all Magazine.  Bud’s story “Thank You for Saving My Mother’s Life” was published on the cover page of the online edition of Y’all Magazine.  The story recounts a moving event that took place a few years back in Savannah, Georgia, highlighting a renowned Mississippi comedian, a famous Savanna ghost, several World War II veterans, and the very grateful son of a WWII survivor.  The link highlights Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories, as well as Mac’s story “Dukes,” published earlier in Y’all and then in tandem with Bud’s story.

August 23
, 2019,

Awarded "Best Of 2019" by Y’all Magazine. In August 14, MacIlroy's short story "Duke's" was published in the on-line edition of "Y'all," [Yall.com, note no apostrophe.] The magazine is lively and fun, dedicated to the unique "vernacular" of the South, and spotlighting Southern culture, travel and authors. In addition to an introduction to the story on the "Y'all Show" podcast the day before, the magazine recognized "Rocket Scientists," with a nod to Mr. Conroy's cover quote.

March 5, 2019,

In this episode, we meet Bud Schill, co-author of Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and other Stories. The late Pat Conroy said it is a “great book about friendship, growing up in the fifties, and a lost America that will never come again.”

Bud reads several stories about “boys being boys” in the era of his youth. He describes the period in the lead story this way: “As a kid in the 1950s, I always figured the first person on the moon would be Alice Kramden.  Her TV husband, Ralph (Jackie Gleason), began threatening to send her there in 1956. Of course, he never did.  But 13 years later, on the day my first child was born, July 20, 1969, the United States put a man up there.  A lot of stuff happened in between.” Listen to Podcast

August 14, 2018, Christian chats with John MacIlroy, who is one of the authors of the book "Not Exactly Rocket Scientists (and Other Stories)" about growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 50's and 60's. interview

July 10, 2018, Listen to the interview with KateD. What a treat to speak with Bud Schill. Not Exactly Rocket Scientists takes you on a wild ride through three boys lives who become very interesting men. interview

Listen to interview with Rick Title on Sports Byline USA on Wednesday June 20th 2018

April 26, 2018, 6:45pm - 8:45pm
An Evening of Conversation and Nostalgia:

Growing up in Millburn-Short Hills

in the late 1950s & early 1960s.


Please join us at the Millburn Library on Thursday April 26 for a most wonderful 

      Evening of Conversation and Nostalgia

with Millburn High School grads Gilbert E. "Bud" Schill, Jr., John W. "Mac" MacIlroy, and Robert D. "Rob" Hamilton III, who are the authors of the new book Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories. 

Andrew W. Permison (MODERATOR), Past President of the Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society. 

In this fun and intimate conversation, the authors will share stories of their boyhood youth growing up in Millburn-Short Hills during the 1950s and 1960s. A collection of "mostly true" short stories, Rocket Scientists chronicles life in small town America and celebrates the magic of youth, the miracle of friendship, and the gift of stories told over the years with both laughter and tears. 

"A great book about friendships, growing up in the fifties, and a lost America that will never come again."

                                   - Pat Conroy,
                                   New York Times Bestselling author

Date: Thursday April 26th, 2018

Place: Millburn Library (Upstairs Auditorium)

Time: 6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Q and A and book signing to follow. 

Enjoy Millburn Deli and Ice Tea courtesy of our authors!

April 28, 2018, Noon - 4pm
MacIlroy will appear at McIntosh Book Store, (421 Bay Street, Beaufort, South Carolina) on Saturday, April 28, from noon until 4:00 p.m. Beginning Friday April 27, Beaufort will host this year's South Carolina Academy of Authors Induction Weekend, presented in partnership with the Pat Conroy Literay Center.  The town will be buzzing with gatherings, readings and events throughout the weekend, including tours and exhibits celebrating the writing of 1988 Academy honoree Pat Conroy.  Come and enjoy the weekend fun, and meet a "Rocket Scientist" author at McIntosh on Saturday.

January 20, 2018
Rob and Bud will be appearing and signing copies of Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, January 20, at the Second Chapter Book Store at 1 West Washington St. in Middleburg, Virginia on January 20.  They will have in tow with them both Woody Thompson (of Memphis, Tenn.) and The Rev. James A. (“Bay”) Basinger of Oatlands, Va., who are principal characters in many of the stories in the book, including “The Short Hills Detroits,” “Son of a Hitch,” “The Great Cross Disaster,” “Eat a Mad, Newk” and “This Is No Fun.”

December, 2017
Kevin and Mary Lynn Kiley are enjoying "Rocket Scientists" as they write a popular blog on Cape Cod. (http://www. capecodrestaurants.com/blog/.)   Their restaurant website http://www.capecodrestaurants. com/ is widely popular with visitors to Cape Cod.  It provides information on restaurants, events, and tourist sights throughout the Cape.

December, 2017
Our friends at the Hilton Head Visitors Center booth, next to Hudson's -- our favorite seafood restaurant on the Island -- will happily give you great ideas for tours and events on the island (along with discounts). Just say hello to Jenn, take a look at our "Rocket Scientists" display, then go have a terrific local fresh seafood dish at Hudson's. (We recommend the grilled oysters on the shell, just for starters.) Andrew and his team will take great care of you: if the weather cooperates, tell them you want to sit on the newly-expanded deck, and watch the boats go by.

September 2, 2017
A successful book signing was held at E. Shaver, Bookseller at 326 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia.

October 20, 2017
A successful book signing was held at McIntosh Book Shoppe  located in the historic Old Bay Marketplace, 917 Bay Street, Beaufort, South Carolina.

November 18, 2017
A successful book signing was held at  the Bluffton Book Festival, Bluffton, South Carolina.

The authors are busy lining up other signings and talks, including signing events at "Reminisce," located along the Promenade at 20 Promenade Street, in Old Town Bluffton, South Carolina 843-757-2500, on Facebook at Reminisce at the Promenade). This is the famous "Little Red Shop," run by Lori and Jerry Glenn. From sports collectibles and the baseball art of Dick Perez, to fine gifts and gourmet foods, this is the store "Where Old is New Again." Get a peek at the fun inside on our "Gallery," where we've posted a picture of Bud with Jerry Glenn. Bud -- as you know from "Eat a MAD, Newk " -- loved the old Brooklyn Dodgers, and Jerry fixed him right up. He'll sell you our book, too.

Other events are in the works for Charleston, Richmond, Virginia (Bud's hailing port), Jersey (Rob may take a few of these, along with Bud and Mac as they return to the scene of many of the adventures in Rocket Scientists.) But this is almost certain: the authors, still banned for life from the local bowling lane (as you learn in Bud's story "Banned for Life"), won't be doing an event there.

But here's the great news. You don't even have to wait for these events to buy your book: it's available now! Bring it along later for signing, or, better yet, buy another one at the event!

July 29, 2017
MacIlroy's short story "Chester" was among the winners in the Summer Writing Contest sponsored by The Write Practice, and will be published at shortfictionbreak.com on July 29, 2017. Unlike the lighter and zany nonsense of Rocket Scientists, "Chester" is a wholly fictional tale of a secret government project gone wrong, carried along in a mix of history and pathos.

March 28, 2017
MacIlroy's short story "Tango-19" was published on March 28, 2017, and can be read at shortfictionbreak.com. "Tango-19" takes the reader on a journey of discovery through a dark place, a tale of hard choices lightened by a redemptive, and hopeful, ending message.


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