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Thank You For Saving My Mother’s Life- by Gilbert “Bud” Schill

Bet Y’all Wonderin’ Why I Just Done That- A Southern Original

“Munny Talks”- By Gilbert “Bud” Schill

‘I Hate It When My Pilot Says ‘S–T!’

I Want Her To Have This – by Gilbert ‘Bud’ Schill


Not Exactly Rocket Scientists II The Totally Unnecessary Sequel

Authors Gilbert E. Schill, Jr., John W. MacIlroy, and Robert D. Hamilton, III have completed their new book “Not Exactly Rocket Scientists II: The Totally Unnecessary Sequel”: a fascinating work about the shared journey of three lifelong friends as they complete college and graduate school. Two of the authors are University of Virginia law school graduates while the third author completed an MBA at the Darden School of Business. This is a sequel to their first book, “Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories,” published in 2017.

The headwinds would be fickle and strong, but the three young men survived with an unshakable faith in friendship, a healthy sense of the ridiculous, a lot of luck, and twenty-three new “mostly true” stories. Readers will travel from a naked beach in Denmark to a bar far above Lake Cayuga, with stops along the way from the Alamo to Tijuana. They will experience a close call at the grave of Lenny Bruce, curling lessons at a two-star ski resort, and a nerd sherry party. And they will share a little rye whiskey with Jerry Lee Lewis, visit the former room of a world-famous poet, try to navigate the Vietnam draft and still learn how to make a martini properly.

The authors invite readers who wish to purchase “Not Exactly Rocket Scientists II: The Totally Unnecessary Sequel” to use the links below:

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