About the authors:

Lifelong friends, we somehow managed to survive our youthful misadventures, each earning an advanced degree from the University of Virginia. Some claim we have even grown up into fully functioning adults, although probably not our wives.

Gilbert E. Schill Jr. In his day, "Bud" could ride a bicycle indoors while balancing a slide rule on his nose and playing "Good Night Ladies" on the harmonica. A fan of water sports, he has water skied up the back of an alligator, had his foot skewered by a sting ray, and suffered an octopus up his nose. A trial lawyer and law professor, he lives in Virginia with his wife Ginger.


John W. MacIlroy. Fumbling footballs and first dates, and crowning his early years with a lifetime Little League batting average of .081, "Mac" went on to become an attorney, CEO and adjunct professor. Retired, he now lives on the coast of South Carolina with his wife Linda, a ceramic dodo bird named Dumont and a small mortgage.


Dr. Robert D. Hamilton III. "Rob" flunked out of dancing school and prolonged his adolescence by picking up degrees from three universities, including a Ph.D., before becoming an award-winning university professor. Prior to academia, he lived briefly in the real world as a nonprofit executive. He now lives with his wife Jane outside Philadelphia. He still can't dance.

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